Argentinian Craftsmanship

Globally known for its quality, Argentina sets the gold standard for fine leather goods. Leather is an icon in Argentina, like the maté, and the tango. Historically, tanners — leather artisans — would drive wagons from farm to farm fabricating bridles, saddles, bags and boots. Nothing synthetic. Nothing discarded. 

This tradition of working with leather refined over the years as tanners moved into the cities and brought their craft to everyday designs. Today, as then, expansive Argentinian bovine farms provide free-range, sustainable leather that the fashion-savvy can source in abundance to create finely-crafted goods. Copia works with small, family-owned businesses and local artisans that have been perfecting their craft for generations. Facundo personally selects each hide for their color, texture, suppleness and quality which are then individually cut and sewn by hand to deliver a uniquely superior product. The beauty is in the details.