About Us

With a focus on fine, sustainable materials and artistry, Copia was born at a time that challenged many of us to re-examine our lifestyles and take stock of our lives. 

Confined to a tiny enclave in Northern California during a global pandemic, I longed for new ways to connect with my local and global tribe. I reached out to long-time friend and global entrepreneur, Facundo Puch in Buenos Aires. Facundo grew up in the Argentinian countryside traveling and training polo ponies world-wide. Together, we re-discovered a mutual passion for fine, handcrafted goods, local artisans and travel.

In many ways, the global situation allowed us to truly appreciate and connect to our local, environmental treasures. We were able to share more with each other and be more present in our lives. Feeling grateful for our communities, local artistry and eager to invoke a sense of place, we created alchemical designs that beautifully reflect the two cultures and our love of travel and finery.

SUSTAINABILITY AND ETHICAL PRACTICE  Our selections are based on availability versus placing a demand on the market. We use only the finest cowhides from Argentina and engage the best local craftsman to implement our designs. Sensitive to animal rights, we source only leather, skins as by-products of other industries. We view our mission as an effort to honor the whole animal—akin to native traditions of gratitude and abundance—as well as time-honored local artistry and materials. Read more about Argentinian Craftsmanship.

UNIQUENESS Our designs reflect our love for travel, adventure as well as quality craftsmanship and are one-of-a-kind or of limited runs. This allows us to bring new styles to market more often. Each bag tells its own story capturing the spirit of adventure. The beauty is in the details.

Explore with us and share your stories. We want to hear from you.